Thursday, November 6, 2014

week 4

Hey there everyone!
Thishas been the best week ever!! i sent an email to dad that had a little info about my comp, so you can read that! Our area is great!!!  We have a few progressing investigators and got a new one on friday i think. Ive has some really good experiences!  I LOVE IT HERE!!! its so pretty! the leaves are GORGOUS!!! there are a ton of trees!!!
while I've got some time, this week has been a blast!!!! being a missionary is super hard, but i've never been happier! we get up before the sun and gop t bed when its dark. the schedual is riggerous, and we do a lot of studying only to get rejected by people we love. that sounds kinda harsh, but i love knowing that somewhere out there, there is some one that only i can get throught to.
we are teaching this sweet lady named Debbie. debbie was in a house fire about thee years ago and sustained third degree burns from at least the wait up, losing her hands and suffering major disfiguration. SHE HAS SO MUCH FAITH!!! myheart instantly melted when i met her and when she prayed at the beginning of the lesson it was hard not to cry. she has a lot to overcome if she is going to be baptized. she is confined to a rehab facility and a wheelchair. i love that lady soo much!!!!!!!!!! she is having a pretty major reconstructive surgery in december, and i think she is hoping to be baptized after she heals up. She is so dang sweet!
Sister Randall was here last transfer, so we have a few investigators as well as some less actives and part member families. she says we teach about 25 to 30 lessons a week, leadingour district. While thats cool, that isn't what's important. what is important is that we have the privilage of being representatives of Jesus Christ. Being a missionary isn't a numbers game. it's about finding people who are prepared to come closer to Christ. I feel so blessed to be trusted with such a sacred work! I love doing what i do!!!!!!
k, so here's some fun stuff! Saturday we had a ward trunk or treat! Sis Randall and i went to walmart and got super hero t shirts and wore them with our skirts!! so fun!!!!! our ward is amazing!!!! i love it! we had ward conference on sunday which was great! the people here were soo excited to meet me! it was really nice! our ward mission leader is really with it! he makes sure that we have members going to as many lessons as possible!!!!
well, that's all i have time for!!!!!! Love you all so much!!!

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