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December 8, 2014

Hey everyone!!!!
This week was one of those weeks that will always be remembered. We had some interesting experiences... Good and not so good. Overall, it was just crazy! Monday we had a really good lesson with a less active/ part member family! We invited them to our ward Christmas party and shared He is the Gift with them. They also asked when the church block started so hopefully we'll see them at church sometime soon!
Wednesday we got a really cool call from Brian, one of our investigators. He said that he had had a really good conversation with his dad about joining the church and told us that his dad gave him his blessing to join the church and that he was ready to be baptized! Just to kind of enplane, Brian is 33 and a single dad with two little girls. He has always seen his dad as like a "spiritual rock" and wanted to know that his family would still accept him and his dad told him that if he felt like joining the church was what was right that he would support him in his choice to be baptized! Sister Randall and I are beyond excited to see how he is coming to Christ!  He has been searching the Gospel for a long time and has come to the conclusion that this is the true church! We have a lesson with him on Wednesday and we hope to be setting a date! I'm so dang excited!!!!!!!!!
Thursday we had a pretty weird experience with our investigator, Debbie A. We had been over like two times that week already and we were stopping by again because we felt like she had been progressing really well. Well, we got there and her grandson let us in and when we got inside, Debbie was just standing there sobbing! She couldn't even talk! Apparently her ex-husband that had been staying there had just up and left without explanation. She was pretty upset about it to say the least. We couldn't calm her down to save out lives... Well, she called him and told him that we were there (I don't know why, but she did) and he wanted to talk to us, so she gave me the phone and he told me that she was straight up insane and that she had ruined her sister's credit and borrowed money from him and all kinds of stuff! Then he told me that she needed to be locked up and that he was going to call the cops on her then he hung up!!! Well, Sister Randall and I were out of there faster than an Indy 500 race-car! Needless to say, it was very confusing and we aren't sure how to move forward with her, but we haven't been back since!
Also, on Thursday we were able to meet with Steve. He is the roommate of a less active member in our ward. He has come to church a few times and last Sunday, he told his roommate's home teacher that he wanted a Book of Mormon, so we took that to him and set up an appointment for Thursday. We met in a member's home and watched the restoration video and talked about why a restoration was needed. He was very receptive and accepted baptism if he came to know that the Book of Mormon was true! His roommate, Bro. Jones has a lot of issues. Yesterday we called him to see if they were coming to church and he was very intoxicated... So yeah...They were not at church. Apparently he needs just as much help as his roommate!!!!
Needless to say, we had some pretty great adventures and experiences this week!  This has been the most adventure filled week of my mission! Hopefully we have more of the good experiences and less of the not so great! 
This week we also got new zone leaders, a new district leader, and quite a few new missionaries in our zone! We are very excited to get to know them and work with them in moving the Lord's work forward! I love the work, and I am looking forward to the rest of the transfer!

I love you all so much!! 

Sister Griffeth

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