Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week 2 in the MTC

Hey everyone!!! so this email isn't going to everyone on the list, just so you know. Mom, just put the parts you think are good on the blog.

So I have been here for like 10 days now! That is so nuts!!! I feel like i've been here for like a day and a year at the same time!!!

I have learned so much about inviting and helping others come to Christ. Thiss work isnt about telling people, its about showing people how great and merciful God is and that he loves us and has a plan for us. Its about showing people that because God lovesd us, we have propjets and families and the atonement. How cool is that!!! GUYS, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!! 

So the MTC is just the coolest place. the spirit is so strong here. even on days that are hard, you just feel uplifted because it hard to be sad when you feel the spirit testifying of God's infinite love all day:) 

So, i want to share some experiences real quick.
The other night we had TRC, which is when you teach an investigetor that may or may not be a member, so it was like the real thing. well, our investigetor is a non denominational christian. she had a lot of tough questions and was a hit on the rude side. our lesson was in a sense, a train wreck. what was worse was that my companion had literally no idea how to answer her questions, so for an hour i took a pretty decent verbal beating from this investigator while mt companion sat there saying absolutely nothing. I didn't even care that the lesson sucked when we got back to class. when we got there, one of the Elders asked me how it went and i just kind of burst into tears and couldn't stop.I really could care less about the lesson, but i felt pretty alone. Out subsequent lessons have gone better. we teach her for the last time tonight, and i'm pretty glad about that.

Well, I'm out of time, so i got to go! I love you all sooo much!!!


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