Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November 17

Hey everyone!!!! this week was such a blur!!! So Monday is P-day! P-days are the best! we get to email, clean, grocery shop, play games and just breath! It's the best!! Tuesday I got to go on exchanges with Sister Sessions, one of the sister training leaders, in Carmel, Indiana. It was such a fun day! at the beginning of the day we had like seven lessons set up, and by the end of our first one, they had all canceled. as a missionary that leads to a lot of improvising. we did a bunch of tracting and tried to visit some members, but literally no one was home that day, so we drove around in the rain and just had a blast! Sometimes, your days just don't work out as a missionary, but you have fun anyways because you're doing The Lord's work! Sister Sessions is a kick!!! she is down right hilarious! we had a good time tracting because she just always has a positive and fun attitude! She taught me so much about being myself while still being on the errand of the Lord. Even though we only had a few lessons, I learned how not to be the 'missionary robot'. it was great!

This week was also fun because we had interviews! President Cleveland is so awesome! he talked about having the right mindset. It is SO important that despite what is going on around you that you are focused on what's really important. It's just like Sister Sessions. Even though our day completely fell apart, she was able to stay positive and make the exchange a good experience for me. I think that in our lives it is so easy to see the bad things in the world that surround us every day, but God would rather that we see the light in the darkness. So. what do we have to do to have the right mindset? for me it's all about putting negative thought out of my mind by replacing them with positive ones. when I think something bad about myself or someone else, I try instead to complement them or me. I also think it's really important to always be thinking of a scripture or hymn or quote that makes us think positive thoughts!

Anyways, the rest of the week was same old same old! Sister Randall and I just have a ball doing whatever we're doing! we've been doing a lot of finding this week because our investigator pool is kinda low. Which is LAME, but that's life!!! finding is fun! but I'm still pretty awkward when we first knock doors. It's a good thing Sister Randall knows what's up!

So this week I had the opportunity to go to a rebaptism for a lady in our ward. it was so sweet! the spirit was there so strongly! It made me so excited to just baptize everyone!!!!! We SHOULD have a couple baptisms in December!!!! Pray that they all go according to plan!!!

That pretty much sums it all up! I would love to get emails from all of you!!! I love and miss you!!!

Sister Griffeth

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